Frederic Vanwalleghem

portrait_200pxFrederic Vanwalleghem ( b. 1978, Belgium. Studied in the academy of arts in Ghent and started photographing at an early age. The past ten years he travelled to countries like Tibet, Kosovo, Iceland, Benin, Nigeria, Kenia, Tanzania, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and several countries in Europe; mostly for personal work and commissions. In 2009, Vanwalleghem was a selected finalist for the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards with his essay Retratos en tu cuarto in the category ‘professional portraiture’, juried by Mary-Ellen Mark and Sarah Moon. His ongoing project Vodun, trying to grasp the ungraspable was shortlisted for international awards in Paris, Tbilisi, Braga and Kuala Lumpur and will be published this year in the art magazine Arte al Limite. At the moment he is working on new projects in Asia.

Frederic Vanwalleghem | Into The Eye

Frederic Vanwalleghem | Into The Eye

This is a documentary on how climate change is increasing the intensity of extreme weather events, displacing millions of people,…
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