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logo-eyes-in-progressEyes in Progress (www.eyesinprogress.com/) est un centre de formation en photographie. A Paris, Eyes in Progress organise des stages de photographie prodigués par des grands photographes, ouvert aux amateurs avertis et photographes professionnels. A Toulouse, Eyes in Progress propose un programme annuel d’activités – ouvert au grand public – qui a pour objectif de développer la culture photographique de chacun et faire progresser dans la compréhension de la photographie.


Workshop with Stefano De Luigi

Young patients are treated for squint at the National Institute of Ophthalmology Hospital, U.N.I.O., in Hanoi, Vietnam in May 2006. © Stefano De Luigi/VII Photo Workshop: Visual Storytelling with Stefano De Luigi. Main Location: Bar Floréal.photographie, 43 rue des Couronnes, Paris 75020, France | Official Website www.eyesinprogress.com | Workshop Calendar: 17-20...


Workshop with Ron Haviv

Young Darfuri girls leave their displacement camp at sunrise to look for firewood to cook food for their families. © Ron Haviv/VII Photo Workshop: Visual Storytelling with Ron Haviv, 20-23 May 2015, Berlin Main Location: The Wostel, Hobrechtstraße 66, Berlin 12047, Germany | Official Website www.eyesinprogress.com | Workshop Calendar: from the 20th...


Workshop with Lise Sarfati

The aim of the class is to learn the process of creation of a body of work while focusing on the soul of the photographic project. Gain insight on how to choose the theme until the realization of the project and create at the end a contemporary photographic series.