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Borderlands: The Edges of Europe

This series focuses on the connection between people and territory and the significance of trans-national and transcultural identities, exploring the relevance of European identity and its relationship with concepts of home and belonging, memory and territory and how these have been shaped by events.

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“The Latest” is journey in the lower Portuguese social class, the struggle that 3 millions of Portuguese live every day, the 30% of Portuguese population considered poor.

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Borderlands: the Edges of Europe

"A Girl Called Julia, Serbia-Romania border". Borderlands: the Edges of Europe, project by Paola Leonardi Venue details: Waterfront Gallery, Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1QJ, UK Official Website:www.borderlands.eu Event date: from: 14-04-2014 to: 23-05-2014 Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am -6pm. Artist Talk 29th April 2014 4pm-5pm. Private View 29th April 2014 6pm-8pm EastEurope → Borderlands: The...

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Marika Dee | Not my Country

In recent years, several thousands of people, many belonging to the Roma and related communities such as Ashkali and Egyptians, have been forcibly returned to Kosovo by Western European countries.

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