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Aberrance is an introspective and interpersonal look on the inextricable relationship within fragmented nature and artifice, and the human role within this dialectic. Meandering through the Cloud Forest at Singapore transformed my perception.

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Fort in Jaipur (Rajasthan) IN, photo essay by Sergey Poteryaev Mughals, British crown, modernity. India has chewed and...

Ethical question

Sleep Of No Dreaming

The road, the crash, before a deafening noise of nothingness, the nothingness from which they are precipitated indefinite duration in people in a vegetative state, victims of road accidents.


Giles Clarke | Caged in El Salvador

I traveled to a rough suburb 20 miles outside San Salvador and spent some time with a police captain and units charged with patrolling this particularly troubled area where both the M18 gang and MS-13 gang live and operate.

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