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Bhukhampa Nepal

Kathmandu minutes after the first earthquake that happened on 25th April 2015. Bhukhampa Nepal, photo essay by Jan Møller Hansen Nepal was hit by two strong earthquakes on 25. April and 12. May 2015 and during the following months by hundreds of aftershocks. 14 hilly and mountainous districts in the...

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Alessio Guarino | AzumaCenterFukushima

AzumaCenterFukushima, 2011. We arrived to Fukushima at 9.47. A colleague from Ryo Abe was waiting for us and came with us to the Azuma Evacuation Center, where friend and architecture's students arranged a workshop in order to gladden the kids hosts in the center.

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Elisa Figoli | L’Aquila: fragments from the aftermath

At 3:32 am of the 6th of April 2009 a violent earthquake struck L'Aquila (Italy) killing 309 people and leaving 65,000 homeless but also unveiling the frailty of the Italian society and of its commonly accepted models of urban security and planning. Investigations conducted afterwards revealed that both private and...