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Mahan Forest, Singrauli, M.P, India, April 2013

Vinit Gupta | Where They Belong

This Project, Where they Belong, metaphorically focuses on the worldwide phenomenon of development, industrial expansions and its consequences…


SUZHOU, CHINA-Feb 2012-Landscape view of crane and boat.

Melanie Dornier | On the river

On The River is a photo essay that documents maritime supply of raw material in China. A type of transport used for centuries and that is helping, now, to respond to important needs of supply due to fast growth.


Mattia Vacca, Primary Education in rural China, PRIVATE 56, p. 36-39

Mattia Vacca | Primary Education in rural China

Primary and secondary education in China is always free, however students must pay school expenses, for example textbooks and notebooks.


PRIVATE 55, p. 30-31

Salvi Danés | Hidalgos

We talk about hidden lands with deep historical roots, and nest of ancient myths and legends of ancient religious inheritance. Where we still find places and people detained in time, witnessing an atavistic past.


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