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Darcy-PadillaDarcy Padilla (www.darcypadilla.com) Early in my career after 12 internships at daily newspapers including The New York Times & The Washington Post, I decided to freelance and pursue my own documentary projects. For one of my first longterm stories, I spent a year visiting an isolation ward at a maximum-security prison in Vacaville, California, photographing inmates with AIDS.
That project received the first Alexia Grant For World Peace & Understanding, bolstering my commitment to my life’s work. AIDS and its consequences became part of them when I spent three years photographing residents of transient hotels in one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Francisco. I saw all the consequences of poverty – loneliness, broken families, drugs, and the devastation of HIV. This project received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.
While I juggle several passions at once, my enduring study has been the life of one woman I met in the Tenderloin 17 years ago. This project is one that has set a direction for my approach to photography.

PRIVATE 38, stories from the USA

PRIVATE 38 | Stories from the USA

In this issue of PRIVATE , they are not images to be quickly rushed through like channel surfing on a television set. They are meant to be slowly appreciated for what they show us about America that we have not seen in the press or in images made by photographers who briefly visited the United States.