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A Brief Glimpse of Cuba

This city is dripping in life. It seems to ooze out of the cracks of the gorgeous, decrepit buildings that line the streets of Havana. Every turn provides a new scene, new characters. I would imagine it would take years, if not decades, to capture Havana.


Renan Carvalhais | Cuba – the people

San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba - march 2013. Residents talking in the door in a ordinary evening of winter This serie of photos of the cuban people was made during my one month travel around Cuba in march of 2013. While studying photo in the International School of Movie...

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David Creedon | Behind Open Doors

For the most part tourists who visit Cuba only ever get to see their hotel or the beach resorts, they photograph the old American cars and the women with the big cigars who pose for tips on the Melancon, for them this is Cuba.