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Christien Jaspars

Christien Jaspars, born in 1964. Dutch photographer, he travelled to Africa for the first time when she was 18. In Mali she befriended Aisata Njentau, a traditional textile printer from the village of Diabolo, near Djenne. Over many years Aisata taught her the technique of Bogolanfini – printing traditional textiles with mud and leaves – an art form which is usually passed on from mother to daughter. In 1993 Jaspars began recording the relationship between the people of the village and herself. The textile printing workshop became a studio where people posed for her, her long-term involvement allowing her to document village life from the inside.

PRIVATE 34 | WITNESS – special Panos Pictures

PRIVATE 34 | WITNESS – special Panos Pictures

A special issue of PRIVATE dedicated to Panos Pictures, a London-based independent photo agency representing photojournalists worldwide.
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