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Chiara Ceolin

Chiara Ceolin is a freelance photographer, represented by Emblema photo-agency since 2011.
A former psychoanalyst with a specialization in crisis and emergency psychology, Chiara found in photography a way to share people’s stories, focusing on social issues and human rights. She started her profession in Italy, documenting the horrible life conditions of a large group of African refugees and asylum seekers in Turin.
With her reportage “A Missing Generation” she opens our eyes to a side of Romania that is frequently not seen and often ignored. This work is shortlisted at the London Festival of Photography and will be exhibited from 1st June 2012. It has also been selected at Arles Open Salon 2012.
Chiara published on international magazines and newspapers.
Chiara holds a Master in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster and she currently lives and works in London.

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