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Carolyn Drake (www.carolyndrake.com), born in 1981 in California. She currently lives in Istanbul.



You are only dust amidst dust. You are only just visible even if you gesticulate, even if you make a commotion, even if you speak loud and clearly: you act in a silent film. Or rather: one hears nothing that you would like because…

Carolyn Drake, PRIVATE 54
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Carolyn Drake | Wild Pigeon

Carolyn Drake, Wild Pigeon. PRIVATE 54, p. 76-77 Buy PRIVATE 54 ild Pigeon tells a story of the Uyghurs, a people of Turkish descent living in the Xinjiang province in Western China. Like Tibetans, Uyghurs have a very old culture that is being torn apart as China expands. As a...