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Bruce Gilden (www.magnumphotos.com), born in Brooklyn, 1946 and attended Penn State University where he became bored studying sociology. In 1968, after seeing the Antonioni film Blow Up, he bought his first camera. Though he took some courses at night at the School of Visual Arts in New York he is basically self-taught in photography. When he was a child Gilden spent hours at the window studying the street. His fascination for street life continued and led him to his first projects photographing in Coney Island and then to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. At the time Gilden supported himself by driving taxis. Gilden, who has done extended projects on New York, Haiti, France and Japan, started exhibiting as early as 1971 and has since shown his work widely in museums and galleries all over the world. His in-the-face, theatrical and dynamic style shows his admiration for Lisette Model.

PRIVATE 38, stories from the USA

PRIVATE 38 | Stories from the USA

In this issue of PRIVATE , they are not images to be quickly rushed through like channel surfing on a television set. They are meant to be slowly appreciated for what they show us about America that we have not seen in the press or in images made by photographers who briefly visited the United States.