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Workshop with Ziyah Gafic and Paul Lowe

photo: Ziyah Gafic (left) and Paul Lowe (right) Workshop: Ziyah Gafic & Paul Lowe - Bosnia - Aftermath: 20 years of peace. A documentary journey Main Location: The Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, Obala Maka Dizdara 3, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Map It | Official Website | Workshop Calendar: July 10-14, 2015...

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Once crossed the border, you can breathe a sense of suspense; on one hand the buildings marked by swarms of shrapnel from mortars and grenades, on the other, the silence of the minefields on the border with Croatia.

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The Bosnian Identity

A journey into the memory of Bosnia. Everyday stories of Muslim families, otherwise marked by the war. A continuous voyage of self-awareness amidst the horror of the Srebrenica genocide and the memory of an ethnic cleansing that goes beyond time.

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Elisabetta Zavoli | The phoenixes of Bosnia

Baščaršija is the ancient turkish district of Sarajevo's downtown, whose square is commonly called "Pigeons Square". This is the beating heart of the touristic renaissance in the Bosnian capital. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,18/05/2012 Rape as a weapon of war. Between 1992 and 1995, during the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, abuses by...

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Marie Sordat | MotherLand

12/02/2012, Bosnia otherLand takes place in two countrys, Bosnia and Georgia. This winter, I went to those places searching how to say something about the relation mother-daughter. Specially when it is violent, and most of all, when there is no relation at all anymore. 12/02/2012, Bosnia 18/03/2012, Georgia 18/03/2012, Georgia...

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Mahir Vranac | East Bosnia

BiH, Visegrad, 2009. ast Bosnia, 2009. This story is about raising awareness among people about the second generation of the Bosnian Muslim population in eastern Bosnia, which has experienced war crimes during the war in Bosnia (1992-1995). Eastern Bosnia is now the space of sadness and unpleasant memories, a living area...