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Bahman Jalali

Bahman Jalali (1944 – 2010) was an Iranian photographer who taught photography at different universities in Iran for 20 years.

He graduated in Economics from Melli University in Tehran, then started his career as a photographer with Tamasha Magazine in 1972.

He is best known for his documentary photographs from Iranian Revolution in 1979 and from the Iran-Iraq war, but after the revolution he focused more on teaching photography at Iranian Universities than practicing it.

He was the curator of Iran’s first museum of photography and inspired a generation of emerging Iranian photographers.

His latest work was a photo series called “Image of Imaginations”, which took three years (2003–2006) for him to complete. It was a mixture of flowers or Iranian calligraphy with old photographs from throughout Iranian photographic history. He explained later: “I have been exposed to many images by little known photographers around the country. Those that I could keep, I have held as mementos, and others have left their marks on my imagination.”.

He was given a very special homage for his forty years of career in photography by the Fundacio Antoni Tapies in Barcelona with a special solo exhibition curated by Catherine David from September to December 2007, with the publication of a book. He contributed to the prestigious exhibition in the British Museum of London, Word into Art : Artists of the Modern Middle East in 2006.

Until the end of his life, Bahman Jalali was a member of the editorial board for Aksnameh, a bi-monthly journal of photography in Tehran.

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Unedited History, Iran 1969-2014

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