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Arianna Sanesi (www.ariannasanesi.com), italian photographer, born in Tuscany 35 years ago. Graduates in history of photography at Bologna University and attends CFP Bauer in Milan, studying photography. She has worked a long time as an assitant (last photographer she’s been an assistant to is Ferdinando Scianna) and started her career as a freelance in 2007. In 2009 she’s one of the founders of MICRO Photo Collective and in 2010 they curate together the project VoicesFromItaly. Selected for ISSP (International Summer School of Photography) 2012 for a workshop with Jodi Bieber.

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Arianna Sanesi | LU

Ludmila, ready to get her Visa. Ukraine, Kiev, December 2009 LU, the Ukrainian nickname for Ludmila, is a work in progress about one of those women that come to Italy from Eastern Europe to grant their family a better life. They usually work as caretakers for old people but Ludmila...