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Earthdance Party - Near Capilla del Monte, Argentina / 2014

Blow your head and be born again

Once a year in different parts of the world, in the same weekend, people from all over get together to realize a party called Earthdance, that the organizers call a global


Buenos Aires, Argentina - 08-2013 - Dafna


The affiliate link is defined primarily by their status as non-transferable. The link is constructed based on time, mutations, complicity and discrepancies over the years.


TRES ARROYOS, ARGENTINA - May 2014. Daniel near the run-down building where he is living.

Game with young dreams

Each year thousands of minor boys from Africa are taken to foreign countries by dubious soccer agents who promise them a contract with famous football clubs


LELEQUE, ARGENTINA - December 2011. Atilio Curiñanco, authority of the Mapuche community, seen at the entrance gate of the Santa Rosa Leleque Community in Argentinian Patagonia. The community reclaims the ancestral right to live on 585 ha of land, where they were born and that they consider part of the Mapuche community by oral tradition. For this they were brought to tribunal by the italian Benetton Group, who claims to be the legal owner of the land. The quest for land in Patagonia since 19th century has led to various mass killings of indigenous communities.

Tommaso Barsali | SUR – La sangre no es nada sin la tierra

SUR is a documentary project about a Mapuche community peacefully battling against the italian corporation Benetton Group, for the right to live in their ancestral land, in Patagonia, Argentina, where they were born and which belongs to them by oral tradition. The extension of the lands acquired by Benetton in the 90’s is said to […]


Landscape (El Calafate, Patagonia)

Gabriele Orlini | Minimal histories

Minimum histories is the stage of a journey, an meeting with the Men who breathe the land at the end of the world.


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