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Antoine Agoudjian

Antoine Agoudjian, born in 1961. His father Clément Agoudjian and his mother Ankiné Arydjian are both textile workers. The first approach with his roots was trough the Armenian dance when he was 5 years old. In 1989, after the earthquake in Armenia, he went there for one year with an ONG as “logisticien” and interpreter. He started to photograph in the periods of time out of his humanitarian work. In 1990, after his return in France, his first book about his experience in Armenia, titled Le Feu sous la Glace, was published by Editions Parenthèses. In 1992, he joined Rapho agency with Robert Doisneau’s impulse. From 1999 to 2006: he started his project on the Armenians’ History in Middle Orient. He continued in Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Anatolia, Iraq during the war and Iran.

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