Andrzej Kramarz

Andrzej Kramarz was born in Poland in 1964. Lives in Papaikou, Hawaii.

He founded the improvised music band Na przykład (1985–1989) and co-founded DRUT, an independent art magazine which did not conform to the official Communist propaganda; just a few dozen copies were printed underground and clandestinely distributed to influential Polish artistic circles.

Documentary photographer since early 1990s, Andrzej Kramarz was employed with the daily Gazeta Krakowska (1993–1996) before taking up freelancing. By 2001, he had his photo stories published by all major Polish weeklies (Przekrój, Polityka, Rzeczpospolita). In 2004, he enrolled at the Silesian University Institute of Creative Photography (ITF) in Opava (Czech Republic) from which he graduated in 2007 under the supervision of Vladimir Birgus. In the meantime, he worked on his photo essays and in 2005 co-founded the Imago Mundi Foundation dedicated to picture archiving and supporting creative photographers. In 2007–2008 he was Deputy Art Director at the Photomonth Festival in Cracow, now considered one of the leading photography festivals in Europe.

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