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Alexa Brunet was born in 1977 and studied at the Art College of Belfast and at the ENSP in Arles. Since 2002 she has been working in the south of France where she is a member of the photographers’ collective Transit (Marseille-Montpellier) and through them she works mainly for the press. At the same time she is engaged on several photographic projects in collaboration with writers both in France and abroad. She is regularly invited to exhibit her work and to participate in artists’ residencies. Since 2009 she has been holding seminars on the image and narrative.



PRIVATE 45 | DEVELOPMENT. An Ecological Question

Our planet is in crisis; a crisis captured through this collection of photo essays taken by world-class photographers. It tells a story of environmental degradation and gives a voice to some of the forgotten peoples who are paying the price. This issue of PRIVATE takes us on a journey across the world, highlighting the human and environmental costs of “development” from our rivers and land to the skies above us.