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Alessio Guarino (www.alessioguarino.it) photographer, filmmaker, traveller in Asia from almost 15 years, deals mainly with architecture and social-antrophological reportage, representing the transformations of various urban areas of Japan. Contributor for several italian and international magazines, he lives and works between Tokyo and Florence: two cities that he loves. Passionately involved in the visual communication and interested in the interactive media, he works in cultural projects as organizer and filmmaker.

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4.99 | PRIVATE 11 | 1997 | Identità di transito

The observation of self and of one’s own being as a first step towards the observation of the world and the understanding of it. The transit, as a form of concrete existence of society and of individuals which allows (or forces) the human species to adapt to its own new activities and perceptions.

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Alessio Guarino | AzumaCenterFukushima

AzumaCenterFukushima, 2011. We arrived to Fukushima at 9.47. A colleague from Ryo Abe was waiting for us and came with us to the Azuma Evacuation Center, where friend and architecture's students arranged a workshop in order to gladden the kids hosts in the center.