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Alessandro Toscano (www.onoffpicture.com) was born in 1981 in Cagliari (Italy). Graduated in Communication Sciences in Rome, where he has lived since 2002, he starts as a self-taught photographer. In the last few years, he has been experimenting with journalistic reportage. In 2005,  he already carried out various video-photographical projects which resulted in his collaboration with CGIL, Department for Mental Health of Cagliari, Province of Madrid, and Rai. He has exibited his photos in Rome, Milan, Cagliari and Madrid, as well as in different editorial publications. Together with Peo Vertamy ad Luca Spano, he runs OnOff Picture.


PRIVATE 51 | Global Report 2

As unique and special the scenes are that the photographers for this issue have chosen to focus on, the similarities (what we have in common, what we share) that can be found around the globe are striking.