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A project about people who remain the last inhabitants of the Russian deserted villages. Those who stayed refer to this area as Desert.

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The urban fabric takes the vision of the post-industrial landscape, time stands still, and the apparent mystery and the sense of abandonment takes over the pulsating rhythm just in places already become something else.

PhotoEssays Online

Life at sea

Here in the pictures is one of the small, almost abandoned villages on the shore of the Barents sea. Once an important trade port of the region, now left behind for both economical and environmental reasons.

PhotoEssays Online


In Yakutian “Sitim” is the immaterial connection between a person and anything else. It is the mystical force of attraction that like an invisible thread unites man and the universe.

Photo exhibition


Katya Yushkevich. Four Letters. First – L Photo exhibition: We-ll-timed as part of IX Moscow International Biennial Fashion and Style in Photography 2015 Venue details Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Gogolevsky Blvd, 10 | Official Website www.fotodepartament.ru | Event date from 19-02-2015 to 29-03-2015 | Opening hours Monday –...

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