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Giada Archidi | Eastern market

Eastern market. Every week-end in Milan at the parking lot close to the Cascina Gobba metro station, there's a changing city, a city that breathes new air and new tastes from Eastern Europe. The area outside the parking lot of Cascina Gobba turns into a market and a place to...

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Elisa Figoli | L’Aquila: fragments from the aftermath

At 3:32 am of the 6th of April 2009 a violent earthquake struck L'Aquila (Italy) killing 309 people and leaving 65,000 homeless but also unveiling the frailty of the Italian society and of its commonly accepted models of urban security and planning. Investigations conducted afterwards revealed that both private and...

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Mattia Vacca | S’ardia

Barbagia is a large mountainous area in the central-eastern part of the Italian island Sardinia with beautiful nature and little isolated villages where people still lives respecting traditions working most of sheep-farming and breeding. One of these villages is Sedilo, where every year on July 6th a hundred of the...

Michele Palazzi, The last Tents
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Michele Palazzi | The last Tents

Boris playing in the athletic camp near the tent. The last Tents After the April 6th 2009 earthquake in Abruzzo, the Italian Government offered some temporary shelters for the displaced people. The “Piazza d’Armi” tents camp in L’Aquila (Abruzzo capital) has been for months the main symbol of the displaced...

Claudio Cricca (Faceless)
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Claudio Cricca | Faceless

his project, begun in 1998, examines the realities of the Italian Hospitals for the Criminally Insane (formerly mental hospitals for the criminally insane). They remain largely unknown even today. The Italian government is dealing with these actually antiquated institutions, which do not have equivalents on the international scene. Because of...


PRIVATE 11 | Identità di transito

The observation of self and of one’s own being as a first step towards the observation of the world and the understanding of it. The transit, as a form of concrete existence of society and of individuals which allows (or forces) the human species to adapt to its own new...


PRIVATE 10 | Bologna 13/09/2019

Buy PRIVATE 10 Possible scenes and stories from one particular day in the future, “Friday 13 September 2019”, in an ancient middle-sized Italian city, Bologna. Bologna, venerdì 13 settembre 2019. San Maurilio. L'almanacco del giorno dopo Il sole sorge alle ore 4.45. La mattina sarà fresca, velata da nebbia fuori...


PRIVATE 8 | Hey! Giovani

Photo cover: Francesco Giusti (front), Giulia Caira (back) Pierantonio Micciarelli Fabio Malacarne Carlo Furgeri Francesco Giusti Agnese Divo Andrea Kolas Giulia Caira Mirella Tassetto Claudia Provenzano Seba Pavia Samanta Andreis Andrea Tondi Adriano Tagliari Nunziata Paladina Buy PRIVATE 8 Le foto pubblicate in questo numero di PRIVATE, fanno parte di...


PRIVATE 7 | Cârás, memorie dall’OltrePo

A voyage in the places of memory. Visions, memories, experiences of life in the Pavese OltrePo between the Fifties and Sixties. A tale told in images, with dialactic poetry. PRIVATE 07, Cârás, memorie dall’OltrePo - photos GIanfranco Mazzocchi © GIanfranco Mazzocchi © GIanfranco Mazzocchi © GIanfranco Mazzocchi GIanfranco Mazzocchi...

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