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PRIVATE Photographers

Anabell Guerrero | Delocalisation

PRIVATE 40, p. 40-41, photo Anabell Guerrero, text Thachom Poyil Rajeevan Buy/Gift PRIVATE 40 single person and what they wear can be considered like a continent in two senses, the first private and the second historical. What a person’s physical presence contains for someone intimate with that person may be...

Daniel Challe (The Circle. Photographic diaries)
PRIVATE Photographers

Daniel Challe | The circle. Photographic diaries

My photographs are flying pages of a photographic revue written every day in concentric circles from the limits of my garden fence up to the boundaries of the cities where the journey leads me. I started the diary in 1983 with “le journal de campagne en Matheysine” a series later pursued by “Journal de Bretagne”.

PRIVATE Photographers

Nanda Gonzague | Living in Sevesia

Thirty years after the Seveso incident in Italy and four years after the A.Z.F. factory explosion, many areas in Europe have been placed under the jurisdiction of the Seveso II directive. There are an estimated million people living in separate alert zones.


PRIVATE 13 | Saint-Denis. Vertige horizontal

See a preview: A "voyage of images and writing" in the medium-sized city of Saint-Denis, in the northern outskirts of Paris. A multiethnic and multicultural city, where ninety thousand residents of seventy different nationalities live....

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