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The tea stall

05/08/2015 Mymensingh, Bangladesh Khan Samrat Tea stall is a place where people take tea and pass their leisure time...

News & Events

Shadows Of Loneliness…

There is light in the shadow just as there is shadow in the light. the shadow hold it's own muted allure and of both shades, there are songs and dances and revelry and sorrow.

Ecological question

Park Life

City parks are places for refreshment. People come here to seek solitude and breathe fresh air – indeed it gives urban people a sense of openness. With the rapid urbanization of Dhaka city, greenery is diminishing day by day.

Pranabesh Das | A mystic journey

This series of photos tells us the story of the Mazar of Hazrat Shahjalal and the mysticism related to it. Hazrat Shahjalal’s name is associated with the Muslim conquest in Sylhet.

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