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Park Ballads

Parks are not about the places, it's about the people. The people, their happiness, their emotions, connections. Intimacy finds them amidst all the trouble and isolation.

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It’s a room similar to many other rooms. A room consists of walls, windows and roof. But if you happened to step through the doorway, across the invisible barrier separating the emergency room from the world…

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Park Life

Amusement park is place where usually kids come with theirs parents to pass a good time. Its a place of joy for them. There are also some homeless kids, street dogs, hawkers, to whom the park is like home.

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Time Stays

Trees fascinate me. Their lifelessness, asepticism, drabness. Their introvertness and apprehension. How still and daunted... And yet they are conscious, sensible; and often subtle.

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Dhaka Street Portraits

Dhaka is world famous for its urban density. The only mass transit mode in Dhaka City is bus. Recent survey expressed that Dhaka's traffic congestion is among the heaviest in the world.

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