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Zara Samiry (, self-taught photographer and multimedia author. Born in Casablanca in 1982, 2-year technical degree in multimedia and a high degree in communications and advertising. Her passion for the alliance between image and sound, decides her to investigate the plastic expression. She went in France and gets a DNSEP (Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression). Specialized in documentary portrait, she is the author of two multimedia works. In 2012, she hosted a workshop to train journalists in bi-media and was invited to give a lecture at TEDx Casablanca. She joined Hans Lucas studio (Paris) in 2012

Casablanca / January 2010

Zara Samiry | The thief of Casablanca

In Casablanca, it is difficult to take pictures in the street. Somebody who walks with his camera over the shoulder raises the distrust and sometimes the aggressiveness of the passers-by.


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