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Vlad Sokhin (, Russian/Portuguese photographer, residing in Sydney, Australia. Born in 1981. Studied photography in IADE Creative University (Lisbon, Portugal), photojournalism and documentary photography in TCI Emerging Photographer Program. Participant of photojournalism workshops by photographer Sergey Maximishin in Portugal and Kenya.
Represented by “Agentur Focus”. Also collaborating with Getty Images (Australia).
In 2010-2011 worked on an independent photo-documentary project “The Spirits of Mozambique” about spiritual traditions of Mozambicans.
Currently is working on a photo-documentary project “Crying Meri” about violence against women in Papua New Guinea.

Banil Yalomba (16) came to the Antenatal Clinic of Port Moresby after having been sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. A day after they separated, her former partner came to her parents’ house and dragged Banil to a bush area, threatening her with a knife. There he beat her and raped her. Banil’s father managed to find his daughter laying unconscious on the ground and brought her to the hospital.

Vlad Sokhin | Crying Meri: violence against women in Papua New Guinea

According to the statistics, in Papua New Guinea two thirds of women are constantly exposed to domestic violence and about 50% of women become victims of sexual assaults…


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