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Pooja-JainPooja Jain (b. 1986 , India) is a freelance documentary photographer based in Mumbai, India. She studied at Sir JJ School of Arts, and was selected for the young Asian Photographers Workshop at the 7th Angkor Photography Festival. Following a scholarship at Oslo University, she exhibited work at the Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography VII, and recently at the second edition of the Delhi Photo Festival 2013.

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DeConstructed life of campers

Workers represent half the world’s population and are major contributors to economic and social development. Million workers migrated for reasons of employment.


Pooja Jain, Renunciation

Pooja Jain

Coming from a literary tradition written in Pakrit and Sanskrit that talks about the world of renunciation, i was, intrigued by the lives of Jain nuns in India, and debates surrounding world renunciation, wanted to explore ascetic life beyond the white robes, shaved heads and barefoot commuting.


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