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Piotr Pietrus ( I was born in July 1980 in Jelenia Gora, Poland. As I was 5 years old my parents escaped with me to Germany to start a new life.
In 1999 I went back to Poland, finished school and started the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. In 2004 I moved to Munich to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, which I finished in 2008. Soon after that and untli 2011 I attended the Masterclass of Prof. Arno Fischer at the Ostkreuzschule, Berlin.
I’m living as a freelance photgrapher in Berlin, specializing in documentary and portrait photography.

Poland - May 2011. Jozio in front of his house.

Piotr Pietrus | Józio – a story about an old man in the mountains

In the context of fast changing Poland, it’s westernization, the growing abyss between past and modern generations, Józio’s life represents for me the one of a dying species…


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