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Pep Bonet ( Spain, 1974. Pep’s work focuses on African issues and long-term projects. His work on social issues such as HIV/Aids has led to two photography books and 35 exhibitions world-wide. His most known work is ‘Faith in Chaos’, an ongoing photo essay on the aftermath of the war in Sierra Leone. Recently, he has worked on a long-term project documenting the lives of transsexual sex workers in Honduras. He lives in Mallorca.

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Solutions by NOOR photo agency

NOOR is a collective uniting a select group of highly accomplished photojournalists and documentary storytellers focusing on contemporary global issues.

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PRIVATE 44 | REAL – Special NOOR Photo Agency

The goal of the photo agency Noor is to produce, publish, and exhibit long term visual projects on topics of human concerns to a broad international audience while maintaining the dignity of the subjects.

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PRIVATE 44, p. 40-41 (40-47), Pep Bonet - Cuba. The Cult of San Lazaro.

Pep Bonet | The Cult of San Lazaro

Every 17 of December, for San Lazaro’s celebration, thousands of pilgrims from all over Cuba make a pilgrimage to the Santuario del Rincon, in Santiago de la Vega. A number of them sick, they travel the 30 km from Havana…


PRIVATE 34 | WITNESS – special Panos Pictures

A special issue of PRIVATE dedicated to Panos Pictures, a London-based independent photo agency representing photojournalists worldwide.

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