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Paris Visone ( is a documentary photographer based out of Boston. She graduated from the Art Institute of Boston where she currently teaches. Paris was chosen as a 2010 Getty Images Editorial Photography Grant recipient for her series “Gender Roles and Appearance”. She recently finished touring with and photographing the legendary punk/new wave band, Blondie. Visone is best known for her ever continuing documentary work on her family and friends. She has been featured in multiple publications including AMP magazine, F-stop Magazine, and Performer Magazine. She is currently working on a life long series that follows a group of people through their life.


Paris Visone | Gender Roles and Appearance

In this series of photographs, my intention is two-fold.  First, is to explore the gender dynamics and sexuality of my subjects.  Secondly, I am trying to capture how these dynamics are transformed into “appearances” which my subjects feel they must uphold. These dynamics are preserved as they are passed down from one generation to the next. […]


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