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Neenad ArulNeenad Arul (website) is a self taught street photographer born in Mumbai. Network engineer by profession. When not at work, he focuses his creativity on exploring the hidden emotions and art on streets through photography. A curious spectator in the true, open-air theater of the streets. Through his work, he constantly tries to transcend the banality of everyday life.

Mumbai,India - November 2014. Early morning yawn.New born starts her day.

Day in a Life of Preshti

Day in a Life of Preshti, photo essay by Neenad Arul Over the past few years I have found the diversity of my interests in photography and attraction to subject matter varied widely. Last year I did the craziest thing a 27-year-old could do: I quit my full-time-with-benefits office job without having another official job […]


29070: A little girl jumps with a steel glass as red flag roars with wind , she stays in the small hut which is enclosed to the pavement.

Neenad Arul | Random Red Numbers

Marine Drive crowded with a diverse population of Tourists, Joggers, cyclists, street performers, kids, people from aristocratic elite to the homeless poor.


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