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jordiperdigo_a1Jordi Perdigó was born in 1980 in Barcelona, Spain. He started taking black&white pictures with a broken loaned camera as teenager. He holds a Masters in the Arts in Photojournalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is a photojournalist who after working in newspapers in Finland and Spain quit and start documenting his own reality, newspapers not allowed him to put feeling in his pictures. He is currently living between Finland, Spain and Caucasus.

Georgia, Shukhuti - 2014. The town's orthodox priest Saba and the bodyguards of internal affairs minister of Georgia are holding the ball before the game starts.

Jordi Perdigó & Cristina Aldehuela | The Easter Battle

No time limits, no rules, an indiscriminate number of players—let’s play Lelo! The game is a no-holds-barred combination of wrestling and rugby that is very popular in south-western Georgia. Every Easter Sunday, the residents of Shukhuti remember their dead by playing this ancient game. Lelo is a sport, and a tradition, but most of all […]

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