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FaMoFabio Moscatelli (
Born in Rome, he lives in his hometown. In 2013, he was finalist in the Leica Award and winner of National Geographic competition in Portraits category. In 2014 takes part in the realization of the CEI’s photographic campaign “Chiedilo a Loro”. He has published on Lens Culture, Phnom Magazine, Magazine Shoot and Private International Review Of Photography. In 2014 he won Moscow International Foto Awards’14 in Book: Documentary category. He is contributor for Echo Agency.

The new home of Tommaso and Donatella,a family of new italian poor

The Right Place

My photographic research is leading me to investigate how many victims of the crisis, new poor, are forced to reinvent the concept of home and especially to live it…


The road,the last place

Sleep Of No Dreaming

The road, the crash, before a deafening noise of nothingness, the nothingness from which they are precipitated indefinite duration in people in a vegetative state, victims of road accidents.


Tivoli, Italy - February 2013   Andrei in his new home in Tivoli, near Rome.

Fabio Moscatelli | Arriving Somewhere, not here…

Andrei is a 10 year-old boy and just a while ago he was living the cheerful life that every child deserves to live. With the occurrence of the economic crisis his father got fired and his mum moved to Italy to find a job. Over the months, the absence of his mother as well as […]


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