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Elisabetta Zavoli ( “I was born in Rimini (Italy) in 1976. I graduated in Environmental Sciences at University of Bologna in 2001. In 2009, I was selected for attending the first “Photojournalism Masterclass” at Contrasto Agency in Milan, directed by Denis Curti. I have travelled extensively in North America, Europe and Africa. For three years (2009-2012) I have been living in Algiers. I was published in different Italian and foreign magazines and newspapers, among which Repubblica (IT), Wired (IT), The National (Abu Dhabi), SMBHMagazine (Ireland). Since 2008, my works have been exhibited in different countries.”

Baščaršija is the ancient turkish district of Sarajevo's downtown, whose square is commonly called "Pigeons Square". This is the beating heart of the touristic renaissance in the Bosnian capital. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,18/05/2012

Elisabetta Zavoli | The phoenixes of Bosnia

Rape as a weapon of war. Between 1992 and 1995, during the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, abuses by soldiers were not just a “side effect” of the conflict. Bosnia’s war was also fought on the body of women and girls: a lot of violence and rapes, in fact, were explicitly ordered by the officers as part […]


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