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Davide MonteleoneDavide Monteleone (, born in 1974 in Potenza (Italy). In late 2001, Monteleone moved to Moscow where began working as a correspondent for Contrasto agency. His first book, Dusha, was published in 2007, followed by La Linea Inesistente in 2009, and Red Thistle in 2012. His work has won numerous accolades including the World Press Photo awards in 2007, 2009 and 2011. In recent years, alongside his editorial work, he has started exhibiting and teaching. He joined VII Photo in 2011.

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Photography workshop with Davide Monteleone in New York

In this workshop, Davide will discuss the possibility in contemporary documentary photographic practice and approaches, taking a deeper look at the long-term project practice in photography.


PRIVATE 57 | INQUIRY – special VII photo agency

It’s common to hear photojournalists described as the eyes of the world, acting as witnesses to events that we would otherwise not see. To some extent this is true, but it’s a simplified description that suggests passive observation and it denies the greater function of active investigation that defines great photojournalism…

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Davide Monteleone, Red Thistle <br>PRIVATE 57, p. 08-09 (08-11)

Davide Monteleone | Red Thistle

This project explores the extraordinary and unknown daily life of the people here. The breaking news and the geopolitical interest in these regions remains…


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