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SUB – Cooperativa de Fotógrafos ( “Sub is not a photography agency: we are five photographers who created a website to provide a forum to bring our pictures to the forefront. We are a group of people who work together both on individual and collective projects; professionals who share orders and contacts; friends who meet up in an office in the center of Buenos Aires to make Sub a greater whole than the pieces. Born after the Argentinian crisis in 2001, we produce reports, news items, current day pictures or archive photos.”

PRIVATE 55 | Rurality Now

The last global farmers shelter in rifts and unreachable ravines enveloped in loneliness huddle on the margins and scraps of earth still damp from warm, organic contact and human touch. Precarious land that is alive because of extreme poverty.

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PRIVATE 55, p. 10-11

SUB Cooperativa de Fotógrafos | Paraguay: An ocean of soybean

This is the story of the settlement named ‘13 de mayo’ in the area of Itapua, Paraguay and a group of peasant families – about 70 people in total – trying to maintain their identity and their unique relationship with the land they cultivate within the framework of the booming soy monoculture.


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