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Cedric-DubusCédric Dubus (website), France, 1976.
I live and work in Lille in France. I am interested in all notions of territory. Whether physical, social or mental. I try to give shape to my own inner images through the filter of documentary fiction. My work, including the Essence A series have since been published in the specialized press.

Doël, BELGIUM - February 2011. An inhabitant waiting for the bus that passes now rarely.

Doel | Analogie d’un territoire

Doel | Analogie d’un territoire, photo essay by Cédric Dubus Below polder marsh country Waas, caught between the nuclear power plant of Electrabel and the port of Antwerp, Doel is an abandoned village. To multiply passages of container, it was decided in 1995 that an expansion port area map turn into all the territory of […]


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