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Andrew Youngson (, born in 1976, is a London-based photographer and writer whose work focuses on the far-reaching effects of conflict. In recent years he has worked with UNICEF in Ethiopia; Al Haq in Palestine; SOS Sahel and Book Aid International in the UK and Bedouin communities affected by Second World War landmines in Egypt. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in art, Andrew interned at Magnum Photos, London and has been working as a freelance photographer since 2005. He has published four books: Blood Drops (2004); Visions 1-26 (2008); The Devil’s Garden (2010) and Aida (2012).

EGYPT - 2010. Dawi Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed (73) was injured in 1958, east of Gelala, whilst out collecting firewood with another man. He spent forty days in hospital in Alexandria. The other man, his cousin Faize, was killed.

Andrew Youngson | The Devil’s Garden

It is estimated that approximately 17 million unexploded anti-personnel and anti-tank mines; artillery shells; bombs dropped by aircraft and machine gun, small arms and mortar rounds remain beneath the sand.


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