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al_coAlexander Conrady ( “My passion is to make photographs that document and educate and emotionally move in some way anyone who looks at the photograph, wherever they are in the world, regardless of their language, culture, beliefs, or their mental state. The camera gives me a reason and purpose to be in dreadful places and in dreadful times. I always try to capture the humanity of the people that I am photographing, in societies in the world where inequality is a norm. My purpose is to photograph people and hopefully provide with my photographs, a more compassionate understanding of their struggle. I am trying to show an ordinary life situation in a different, exciting, and unusual way.”

Children living in poverty in the Philippines, © Alexander Conrady

Alexander Conrady | Children living in poverty in the Philippines

These are photos of the children of people who migrated from the countryside to Manila, hoping to find work and looking for a better life.


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