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Photo exhibition

Sculptures photographiques lumineuses

La VOZ’Galerie vous invite à emprunter les chemins de traverse de la photographie en découvrant les « sculptures photographiques » de François Delebecque. Un gorille dans sa jungle, une maquette de bateau au milieu des algues, une tour Eiffel qu’on dérobe…

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Tom Farmer | A Life Between Brackets

A kind and generous man, I hope that these images show a little of the human cost the complex asylum system has on individuals left in limbo for such long periods of time, not only to their physical circumstance but their mental condition as well.

News & Events

Excerpt Magazine Issue 4

For Issue 4 Editor Amy Marjoram has been joined by Guest Co-Editor Devon Ackermann who quickly decided a photograph of his chaotic bedroom should kick off an Issue that was evolving around ideas of space and privilege.

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Olya Ivanova | Weirdo

I tried to convey the complexity of adolescent identity and high intense feeling that adults will never be able to feel again. Both emotionally and physically these people feel like aliens, strangers, freaks.

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Swastik Pal | My Uncle Tukka

When I was seven, my uncle was in his late twenties. Today I am twenty and he in his late forties; it’s been a long journey of twenty years. This project, if at all I can call it a project is a tribute to my uncle. This is a very personal project.

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Nikola Mihov | Under Destruction

In November 1979, the southern Chinese county Bao’an with a population of about 50 000 people was renamed to Shenzhen. One year later Deng Xiaoping declared the newly-formed city to be the country’s first special economic zone.