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    For millenniums, humans have exceeded their biologically determined limits and have increasingly developed the ability to act and function on the basis of intellect, reason, and structured thinking. Memory, language, and the development of civilization have been fundamental in the writing of History, and all of the above have been intrinsic features of human culture. However, history suggests that the development of human societies is full of contradictions and paradoxes: all too often, despite human…


    15 May 2024

    The Story of a Not-So-Ordinary Teacher

    Location: India – Ranchi In the vibrant educational landscape of Kendriya Vidyalaya Hinoo in Ranchi, Jharkhand, one classroom stood out…
    14 May 2024

    Decoding – Where there are …

    Where there are people they say, there are things. Samuel BECKET Someone I know wanted to part with items she…
    13 May 2024

    Exploring Fokida-Trikorfo Village

    Trikorfo is a village situated at a height of 550 meters between three peaks, built amphitheatrically. It overlooks the Corinthian…
    11 May 2024

    The hidden illumination inside you

    An unknown future looms on the horizon, the world is unpredictable and dangerous again. According to modern sociologists, another “magical…
    10 May 2024

    Strolling to Piazza Navona

    Mine is not a nostalgic discourse, even if certain rarefied atmospheres of past years might have had a certain charm,…

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