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  • Documentary


    For millenniums, humans have exceeded their biologically determined limits and have increasingly developed the ability to act and function on the basis of intellect, reason, and structured thinking. Memory, language, and the development of civilization have been fundamental in the writing of History, and all of the above have been intrinsic features of human culture. However, history suggests that the development of human societies is full of contradictions and paradoxes: all too often, despite human…


  • Death

    43 yearshe’s seen it alltasted joyfelt kindnessfought warsembraced despair, chaos, hatred,defeat.had triumphlooking back, a smile appearsis there anything left ?then the plane crashedand tasted the sweetestof them all. @Mehdi Hasan, Death

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  • SeaLand

    ©Antonis Giakoumakis SeaLand Outfaceshapes,formationsof the sealandand the sky.Colors and lightin a hug. The seas of poets,wordsunexpectedly.Land of the peoplecursedpoor landplowed with sweat,good earth you of the world. The image strongI sink into its depthsin its truth.A subjective oneimpressionlooking for interpretation.To exist after.Fantasy and reality.…

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  • Mayuhe Revisited

    On the morning of October 28th, my brother drove us to Mayuhe, the forest farm on the southern bank of the Yangtze River where Hua and I worked as zhiqing (educated youths) towards the end of the “Cultural Revolution.” Our purpose was to pay…

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    30 April 2021

    Wall of Dolls

    4 May 2016

    Life as wife

    11 June 2012

    Till the last drop

    27 September 2017


    28 December 2013

    Gohar Dashti | Slow decay

    25 June 2021

    Ali Hashem Daily Work

    23 November 2016

    Women and sport in Iran

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