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  • Mask Mode

    In Ukraine, the first case of COVID-19 infection was recorded in the spring of 2020! I decided to film a project on how people‚Äôs behavior changes during a pandemic and chose the most crowded public place in the city of…

  • The banner which the anti vaccine mandate went under Freedom Convoy

    In March 2023 the first of The Public Order Emergency Commission’s final report assessing the federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act concluded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met the threshold for enacting unprecedented powers to end the “Freedom Convoy”…

  • Second anniversary of Russia‚Äôs full-scale invasion of Ukraine

    On February 24, 2024, marks the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian community in the city of Nuremberg gathered in the city center to remind the world that the war continues. Ukraine is resisting Russian aggression…

  • Beast Within – Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok

    Located along Rama IV Road, not far from the expatriate enclave of Sukhumvit but very different in terms of the glitz and glamour of the neighbouring district, the Khlong Toei Market is considered the largest wholesale market for fresh food…

  • Choice conflict

    Even when you’re being cornered, you can still boldly express your position. We are often left with no choice in life! But…

  • Traveling between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

    These photo come from my recent experience in Southeast  Asia. As you can see from them, I am particularly interested in understadindg the local lifestyle, especially when it comes to rural areas, where the inhabitants live their life et a…

  • Tanned for the holidays: Christmas 2022

    This year-end we are all a little bit dressed up for the holidays, so why not account for it? I wanted to collect and present here a few images, all taken in this month of December, relating to the slightly…

  • In India‚Äôs Buddhist-Majority Leh, Muslims Mark Ashura

    As Muslims worldwide observed Ashura on Tuesday 9 August, a procession took place also in India’s predominantly Buddhist Leh.

  • Lviv to Poland – Exodus

    Only the images of an incredible exodus, like a slow wave. The situation at the front becomes more and more intense and bloody and there population of every part of Ukraine decides, even for a short time in the country…

  • The fear of the other

    Due to the situations that humanity is currently experiencing, what prevails is fear: of the other, of the next door man, of the different ones.

  • Festa Minima

    Chiamarlo un anno difficile è un eufemismo. Nessuno se lo aspettava, che potesse succedere. Vivevamo belli incartati in una limitata e soffice incertezza, lavori precari, pensioni e stipendi così così.

  • Manshiyat Naser

    The first thing that strikes in this place, besides the inevitable smell, is the fact of walking on an incredible carpet made of plastic, glass shards, cardboard...

  • They want a rape free country

    A report about recent anti-rape protest of Bangladesh.

  • Milon Memorial Library

    This a feature post about a village boy who has founded a library on his village.

  • Cinema Paradiso‚Ķ Bangladesh

    The effect of Covid 19 pandemic on a decaying Cinema Hall industry in Bangladesh.

  • Shot of the movie

    Adventures in Chuvashia

  • Fire in Kamalapur slum

    Over 30 shanties were gutted in a fire that broke out at TTpara sweeper slum in Dhaka's Kamalapur area on 2 pm midnight of 27th june 2020

  • Victory Day of Bangladesh

    Some moments from Bangladesh National Martyr's Memorial on 49th Victory day of Bangladesh.

  • People are for people

    This a report about a non-government organization who are helping the unprivileged people for the last three years.

  • Soviet Watermelon Jam

    The images that I propose are part of the Soviet Watermelon Jam project, the story of a trip in Central Asia republics.

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