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Photo Essays

Photo essay: a form of visual storytelling, a way to present a narrative through a series of images.
We accept any theme, any subject. Although our preference is for stories that need to be told.
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  • The Curse of Uranium : A Visual Journey Through Jadugora

    Jadugora is a tiny village noted for its hard-working tribal inhabitants, attractive scenery, and thick woodlands. In 1951, the Indian government found the uranium treasures of this area. That was a fortunate finding for India, which sought to become a…

  • Heterotopia

    For millenniums, humans have exceeded their biologically determined limits and have increasingly developed the ability to act and function on the basis of intellect, reason, and structured thinking. Memory, language, and the development of civilization have been fundamental in the…

  • Smile with the dead

    Día de Muertos, The Day of The Dead, is a traditional Mexican festival to honor the dead, with a long history, discovered more than 500 years ago, when the Spaniards arrived in Mexico and colonized it. It is known that…

  • Flor de marge (Edge flower)

    Kyiv was my home from 2004 to 2008. Even though I did not see myself as a photographer at the time, the seeds of what I would one day become were planted in those endless fields of grain. I bought…

  • Wonderland Affair

    I approached the Arctic undergoing its visual and scientific-literary charm. In deepening my knowledge of it through anthropology and non-fiction texts, I get confirmation that halting my analysis at climate change and heavenly scenarios did not bring justice to this…

  • East of the West

    The project was nearly finished just before the Ukrainian conflict began and then was stopped. But in the darkness of the new reality, it got a new dimension. Once the Tatars and the Russians fought against each other. Now they…

  • ‘Parts of Life’ with Mourning Flowers

    “Parts of Life and morning flowers”, still-life photography study, celebrates the presence of body organs, which are essential for vitality! Frequently these scenes are accompanied by beautiful altered mourning and grieving flowers. Flowers are frequently part of a grave scene;…

  • Mocking juxtapositions

    When contrasting elements enter, either by chance or deliberately, into the same frame, a juxtaposition can be created that smacks of mockery. It may be that the photographer casually picks up a surreal detail that contradicts the rest of the…

  • Everyday Saints

    In a rich-and-famous admiring society, we often overlook the contributions of everyday heroes who make our communities function. These raw but tender portraits are my humble attempt to acknowledge and celebrate my heroines – their stories and extraordinary strength of…

  • Loneliness or Solitude

    Perhaps my most favorite photographic form is this one. A person “inside” a place. How does someone place himself in the environment, in a region, in a place, in a landscape? Whether if it is known or unknown. Whether small…

  • A newfound harmony

    On October 9, 1963, the tragedy of the Vajont took place, people and villages swept away by the giant wave of water raised by the dam.

  • The intimate similarity of nameless places

    I personally have a predilection for this kind of ‘non-places’. I find that if one is fortunate enough to happen upon them and look at them with a sufficiently attentive eye, one can recognise similarities in them.

  • Breath

    "Breath" is a message of hope, reminding us that even in the face of insurmountable tragedies and challenges, we have the power to make a difference when we stand together.

  • Industrial nightlife

    Unpleasant, polluting, often dangerous, large industrial areas are areas from which, even if considered necessary, we keep away. Yet, in spite of rationality saying otherwise, moving among the ensemble of smokestacks, cranes, immense machinery, ancient and modern architecture mingling in…

  • Finding Dapio

    Since I became a father, my permanent solitude and melancholia that had always accompanied me in my life seemed to have left me.

  • Restricted Places

    EPG, Experimental Proving Grounds, are areas designated for the development and assessment of weapons which are offensive or defensive in nature.

  • The Last Week of Life

    Goodbye old man. you lived a long long life. 96 years of age and you died a day after your birthday and narrowly outlived the Queen of England. The end was not an easy one, I watched you for 5…

  • A slight drift: dystopian details

    Dystopian etymologically means ‘out of place’, and is used in medicine to define an organ that is not in its correct position; this word has since acquired another meaning, especially in the literary sphere: something disturbing because it refers to…

  • Girls Empowerment at grass root level In India

    The status of women reflects a country’s social, economic, and mental health. In India, women have been seen as a representation of spirituality. Nevertheless, still women are denied equality and rights. They’ve been mistreated and treated unfairly compared to men.…

  • You can see it in my eyes

    I desperately, maybe even too much wanted to enjoy and love this time.But I didn’t succeed at all. I tried to love the people that in my picture of the world I should love and enjoy talking with them. I…

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