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Gandiol, Senegal, October 2014. Amadou, eldest son of a village fisherman.

Borders, bifurcations, photo essay by Felipe Monteverde

At a waterfront in the Gandiol, the handful of fish Oumar catches will feed his family of seven. His hook meanders between plastic bags, rusty cans, and not far from a sewage outlet.


4 Stelle Hotel, Tor Sapienza, Rome, 2014. The Hotel is protected by barbed wire and barricades built by the tenants.

4Stelle Hotel

4Stelle Hotel is the story of this multi-ethnic apartment building, which is fighting for a brighter future, under constant threat of eviction by the authorities.


Beijing, April 2013. A drunk man sleeps over in a fast food nearby Guijie.

All China’s Fast Food Dreams

All China’s Fast Food Dreams – a mobile photo project,  photo essay by Sabrina Merolla There are plenty of well-known foreign franchising fast-foods in every Chinese mega-city. McDonalds, KFC, Burger King – they all arrived in the late 90s and their restaurants bloomed everywhere. Only thirty years ago McDonald’s was almost unknown in Mainland China. But […]

A child playing with a kite in a strong windy day. In the background the promontory Devil's Saddle. Poetto Beach, Cagliari, October 2014

Poetto Beach

Poetto is the name of Cagliari’s main beach and it’s also the longest and most popular Sardinian city beach… (photo essay by Claudio Sanna)


TEOSINTE, EL SALVADOR - November 2013. A town council meeting. Since the return to the village after the civil war, democracy is even more important.

Teosinte: Community and Place

Teosinte, El Salvador was decimated during El Salvador’s civil war which lasted from 1980 to 1992… (photo essay by Paul Giguere)


Children living in poverty in the Philippines, © Alexander Conrady

Alexander Conrady | Children living in poverty in the Philippines

These are photos of the children of people who migrated from the countryside to Manila, hoping to find work and looking for a better life.


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