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Ecological question

  • Clean and dirty

    Thus, we tried to call for a respectful and careful attitude to nature. Proving that by doing damage to her, we are harming ourselves!

  • The Red Queen Principle*

    We appeared on the planet that people later called Earth, many billions of years ago. It was a long-term experiment in the development of new habitats.

  • Way of life

    There are no people in these collages. My works show nature, animals and aftermath of the disaster caused by irresponsible human behavior. These are habits that destroy nature – and our environment is changing.

  • Calm. Norilsk, a city at the point of no return

    Here people have different values. People are only concerned with how to survive until the next vacation, buy a ticket and go away from it all with the whole family.

  • Corpus Naturae

    Le modèle féminin est le support d’une matière hybride avec la Nature. Notre corps est notre Nature, celui-ci interagit comme un ensemble ...

  • Terra incognita

    In the primitive universe of our forefathers, anthropomorphic gods determine the natural phenomena but also the fate of the people.

  • Nothing to be afraid of

    In the Moscow residential area of Moskvorechye-Saburovo, next to the polymetals plant, there is a burial site for radioactive and chemical waste.

  • Kuyalnik, a frozen pier

    The area is called Kuyalnik because of the estuary.

  • Garbage, My Plastic World

    Eventually, I have built my speculative reality from artefacts withdrawn from the boxes. I've created new objects using that junk - totemic animals and Calder's mobiles.

  • Hills

    While working on the project, I wanted to show the trash not the way everyone used to see it. Show it about garbage without garbage.

  • What will remain after me

    I made a real “consumer portrait”, using the garbage of heroes as a metaphor.

  • Trash: Highlight in the artistic dumps

    Every day the pollution increases, the human health is more and more put in danger and as we do not see it directly one does not care about it little.

  • Hidden Lake in the Western Ghats, India

    Stopped by an anonymous lake in rural Karnataka, India. The lake with the lotus pond and overcast skies presented an irresistible image.

  • Dushkal: Drought in Marathwada, India

    A severe drought in the Marathwada region of India in 2016 triggered a massive agrarian crisis.

  • Gregor Samsa Must Die

    Gregor Samsa's will rise from the grave. The Second Coming shall be their revenge on humanity.

  • Delhi: The Toxic City

    This photo essay captures Delhi’s deadly shades of grey as the city stepped into 2017 choked with smog.

  • Project Cleansweep – Beyond the Post-Military Landscape in the United Kingdom

    …over 371,000 hectares of the British landmass was reserved and appropriated for military use.

  • Take me somewhere else

    There was a brickfield near my village home. Then I was a small child. The brickfield used to fascinate me. Particularly, when I found workers making bricks from clay in a magical way.

  • Edge of the wild

    Rivers, human beings and forest create a strange bond in Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest located at the delta region of the river Ganges. The rivers nurture and support both

  • Fallen

    Fallen is a serie portraits of residents who are living on a remote squatter camp in the province Freestate, South Africa. These people are living on or under the poverty line and are considered as ‘white poverty’… (photo essay by…

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