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  • Immobility. Postcards from an almost abstract place

    For some time now I have been feeling a sense of leaden stillness pervading our lives; here and elsewhere in our part of the worldā€¦

  • Anzali Doodkhane

    The smoking process, a balance between tradition and technique, is a testament to the cultural heritage of this region.

  • Blind(fold) chess

    A person plays without seeing the board and announces their moves verbally. The chess games for visually impaired happen like that.

  • Stories from the War

    I have been documenting Russiaā€™s war against Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. For me, every photo has its own story.

  • Fighters game and people cheering

    Fighters that take to the field to throw down in public. Where blood is the name of the game and the people are cheering for a second round.

  • Urban Visions

    Urban areas are places of perennial contradictions, which nevertheless offer elements of extraordinary interest and visual impact.

  • Operation Precise Response

    Highly trained troop hone their skills during live agent chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) training at Exercise Precise Response on Canadian Forces Base Suffield in Alberta, Canada, Canadian Forces lead international NATO contingent at Medicine Hat Stampede Parade. Every…

  • Being in the hospital

    This series was shot in a hospital in northern Germany. I took photographs there for over 10 years. 7.2 days is the average length of stay in German hospitals. This project is not about showing the sick, the morbid. It…

  • Dharhara Mosque, a historical monument of Varanasi, India

    The Dharhara Mosque, also known as the Alamgir Mosque is an important historical Mosque located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated on the Panchganga Ghat, overlooking the holy river Ganges. A steep climb will lead you up to…

  • Waiting in a Dark Room

    I know developing photographs in a darkroom involves chemistry and physics, but as I watch my uncle at work it feels less like science and more like sorcery. There is a reverence and respect not only for the doing but…

  • Galichnik Wedding

    A Timeless Celebration of Macedonian Culture and Tradition As I arrived at Galichnik, the anticipation and excitement in the air were palpable. The energy of the village during this special celebration was unlike anything I had experienced before. Despite the…

  • Life and livelihood

    Since the dawn of human civilization, the axe has descended upon nature for no reason. Kathurias, whose livelihood is earned by cutting trees and selling them, are still in this age of extreme technological advancement, risking impossible tasks using old-fashioned…

  • Urban landscapes

    I wanted to render this air of slight necrosis with the leaden images that make up this report, almost devoid of people, in which the only protagonist in the foreground is an alien that looks like a menacing sentinel.

  • The thunderstorm suddenly

    A few days ago I was near Piazza Esedra in Rome when the sky suddenly clouded over and a violent thunderstorm came down. Leaden light. Rome. Piazza Esedra, June 14th 2023. Lately, it has been a daily occurrence here that…

  • Journey of an alpona artist

    Alpona is a folk art which subtly evokes a prayer for our well-being. Practiced mainly by rural and partly urban women of Bengal it is done in a rich assortment of ornamental line drawings on the floors of home and…

  • Disability

    Saifan, an 8-year-old boy, faces significant challenges due to his hearing impairment and inability to walk or talk. His daily life is marked by long hours spent lying in bed or sitting in a chair. Unable to defecate or urinate…

  • A Municipality Urban Cleaners Portrait

    Ms. Caliroi works hard. When the public fruit market in Chalandri area (Athens city), ends she undertakes with other cleaning employees who work in the municipality to deliver the street clean for the residents. I visited the place 4 times…

  • The colorful island

    The colorful island surprises with its colors and with its strong and uncontaminated nature. Its vast landscapes hide a small island but surprisingly rich in nature.

  • Encamisada de Rebordelo

    Every year the inhabitants perform the "encamisada". This is a parade that runs through the streets of the village to the sound of bagpipe music.

  • Portraits of Life

    The APAJH (Association Pour Adultes et Jeunes HandicapĆ©s) is an organization that cares for people with mental disabilities all over France. Last year, the APAJH of GuĆ©ret (the Capital city of the Creuse countryside in the Center of France) asked…

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