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PRIVATE 23 – Body Fusion Eroticism Sensuality

Whenever a photograph shows more of the subject’s skin than it is usual, a problem of classification inevitably arises: are we dealing with a nude photograph (artistic or not), an erotic photograph or a pornographic photograph?. (Maurizio Giuffredi)
Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm § Photographers: Alessandra Botticelli, Andrea Pandini, Asya Nemchenok, Francesca Grilli, Giuliano Radici, Giuseppe Valente, Kris Dewitte, Laila Pozzo, Liu Zhenxiang, Martina Salvi, Matteo Bosi, Michael McCarthy, Pan Xiaoxia, Philippe Pache, Silvia Azzari, Stanislas Marçais, William Ropp, Yanick Macdonald, Yvonne Rosetti. § Writers: Alda Teodorani, Amilga Quasino, Aureka Bendhan, Beatrice Martini, Edoardo Balletta, Fabio Cinti, Fabio Pasquarelli, Franco Buffoni, Giorgia Morselli, Giuseppe Catozzella, Laura Landi, Marco De Simoni, Marco Giovenale, Maurizio Giuffredi, Roberto Carvelli, Roberto Maggio, Sara Ventroni, Vito Falanga. § Introduction by: Maurizio Giuffredi.

PRIVATE 27 | GermanViews

Most photographers think their camera is an extension of their body, an organ and not simply a mechanical tool, to them the tool is a sight enhancer, a third eye. This issue of PRIVATE focuses on these photographers; it’s about disclosing their vision and the unique relationship they create with the subjects presented within the frame… (Robert Morat)
Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm § Photographers: André Lützen, Andreas Herzau, Andreas Pein, Christian Popkes, Claudia Janke, Esther Levine, Fergus, Georg Knoll, Hergen Schimpf, Ina Senftleben, Irina Ruppert, Jan Michalko, Jens Klein, Julia Baier, Kai Bornhöft, Kalle Singer, Oliver Soulas, Peer Kugler, Wolf Böwig. § Writers: Armin Huber, Helge Hopp, Helmut Ziegler, Jana Liebig, Jörg Böckem, Martin Fraas, Nico Spindler. § Introduction by: Robert Morat.

PRIVATE 33 | EastEurope

Images used in photojournalism today look, to me, like fragments of reality snatched from a complex world which is essentially indescribable. They are isolated moments, fragments of attempted accounts which are no longer possible, because contemporary man, assailed by communication, is tired of watching and seeing, without understanding, images stolen from every part of the world.
[…] Blurred images, wide shots, close-ups, details, pieces of lost history. Photojournalism is also a disconnected language, because of the anxiety the photographer feels to tell all, to try to say a little about everything. He recounts different situations in life, fragments of every thing, place and event. In every shot and every choice of viewpoint he tries to find a way to tell, even though the compulsion to tell is less. (Roberta Valtorta)
Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm § Photographers: Alain Keler, Andras fekete, Andrea Hoyer, Franco Zecchin, George Georgiou, Hana Jakrlova, Imre Benkö, Ireneusz Zjezdzalka, Jason Eskenazi, Klavdij Sluban, Lenke Szilágyi, Marco Pighin, Ron Sluik, Vanessa Winship, Vladimir Markovic § Introduction by: Roberta Valtorta

PRIVATE 35 | Metropolis

When I look at the twenty photographers which make up this “Metropolis edition” of PRIVATE, it’s not what makes the cities different from each other that strikes me, in fact I’d say that these big cities are very similar to each other, not in their detail, faces, bodies and scenes, but in the variety of emotions which they arouse and which we all experience. (Pierre-François Moreau)
Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm § Photographers: Adam Cohen, Andreas Pein, Andreas Seibert, Andrew Esiebo, Andrew Tshabangu, Aniello Barone, Cyrus Cornut, Franck Boutonnet, Gennady Minchenko, Grégoire Eloy, Igor Mukhin, Joerg Boethling, Marc Bonneville, Salah Benacer, Tamara Voninski, Victor Cobo, Viktor Suvorov, Wang Yaodong, Warren Clarke, Xesus Vila Calviño § Writers: Azza El Wakeel, Changming Yuan, Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Gian Paolo Guerini, Mong-Lan, Usha Kishore, Üzeyir Lokman Çayci § Introduction by: Pierre-François Moreau.

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